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LNA Hybrid Modules
Power Amplifiers
Microwave&millimeter wave modules
Satcom on Move Antenna
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  Fortress Technologies International Ltd is mainly engaged in sales and distribution of RF electronic components/modules/communications equipments. We are representing the well-known brands’products in the Great China. Main products include:

   RF MMIC and hybrid circuit: PA,LNA,PLL,HPA,MIXER etc

   Oscillator and surface acoustic wave components: VCXO/TCXO/OCXO, Resonator

   Microwave modules: transceiver, HPA, up/down convertes,Sympathizer, etc

   Mainly aiming at 3G, LTE, WiFi, WiMax, VSAT in domestic and foreign market.

   We also engaged in designing, manufacturing and consultation services of the high-tech communication products in the scope of RF and microwave technologies, whichare well serving the ndustries of mobile communication, network transmission, remote telemetry. Our company aims to provide our customers with the advanced world level of products and consultation services in various product levels from chips to modules with the most optimal cost-effective solutions to create highest value for customers.
   After years of efforts, our company gains rich experience in the RF industry and gathers outstanding technical talents. We insist our professional services spirit and the optimal cost-effective principle to win the great admiration from customers.


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